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Bull | Bear Income

The Retirement Income portfolio is designed to minimize risk and ensure financial stability throughout retirement. Our approach focuses on capital preservation, reliable income generation, and growth in alignment with inflation.

Avoid Large Losses

The strategy prioritizes risk mitigation by employing its unique system to assess market volatility and potential downturns. When stocks prices fall, the strategy raises cash, aiming to shield the portfolio from substantial losses and provide liquidity during market declines.

Blended Allocation

Utilizing a blended target allocation, the system strategically diversifies between stocks and bonds. This approach seeks to optimize returns and manage risk by leveraging the growth potential of equities and the stability typically associated with fixed income securities.

Cash Hedging

A proprietary cash hedging approach with a dynamic trailing and tightening stop mechanism, the system automatically raises cash when prices decline, either capturing gains or mitigating potential losses.

Generate Income

The strategy's blended target allocation of stocks and bonds is designed to provide both growth and stability, making it suitable to generate income in retirement. Its diversification aims to ensure consistent returns while minimizing risk, aligning with the financial needs of retirees.

Participate in Advances

The strategy utilizes quantitative fundamental analysis to select high-quality stocks, aiming to capture gains during market upswings. By focusing on strong financial metrics, the approach seeks to ensure participation in bullish phases while maintaining its core principle of risk mitigation.

Cyborg PM

Proprietary investment technology manages both buy and sell decisions, ensuring a systematic and emotion-free approach to investing, thereby minimizing human biases and optimizing portfolio outcomes.

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