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Run with the Bull

Explore strategies designed to produce attractive returns during bull markets.

Meet Cy

A new breed in TAMP technology.

Robo Advisors are automated investment platforms that typically offer asset allocated portfolios based on a client's risk tolerance. Turnkey Asset Management Platforms offer more personalized approaches with human advisors and a wider range of investment options. By combining these two concepts into a new Cyborg wealth technology platform, WBI offers advisors and their clients the convenience, efficiency, and engagement of a Robo with a human advisor to deliver a more personalized approach.


Tame the Bear

Explore strategies designed for retirees and investors who want to protect capital during bear markets.


Overall rating as of 3/31/2024

Based on risk-adjusted returns out of 355 funds in the Tactical Allocation Category.

Additional Disclosure

WBI Trend Switch US 1000

Utilizing innovative proprietary technology, the strategy analyzes a broad spectrum of data, from macroeconomic indicators to specific market metrics. This allows it to generate weekly signals to optimize investment positions — "risk on" for market upturns and "risk off" during downturns.

Buck the Trend

Discover our AI-driven strategies that seek to ride bull market trends while bucking bear market downturns.


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