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Forms Library

Welcome to our dedicated forms page, designed to assist you in seamlessly navigating our diverse programs and advocacies. If you're here to onboard an account with our TAMP, affectionately known as "Cy", we invite you to proceed directly to For all other documentation and form needs, please reference the comprehensive library below. We're committed to making your experience smooth and efficient. Thank you for choosing to work with us!

Pershing Advisor Solutions

For all your needs related to Pershing Advisor Solutions, please refer to our dedicated forms specifically tailored for this custodian.

ACH Authorization Agreement

Individual Transfer on Death Account Agreement

IRA/ESA Distribution Request Instructions

Joint Transfer on Death Account Agreement

Transfer of Assets

Wells Fargo Advisors

For account opening documentation related to Wells Fargo, please refer to our dedicated forms below.

WBI Client Information & Strategy Selection

WBI Investment Management Agreement

Client Disclosures

The following disclosures need to be provided to the client along with account opening documents, but do not need to be returned back to WBI:

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