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Power Factor
Growth & Momentum

The portfolio focuses on investing in large-cap stocks of companies that demonstrate strong financial performance and upward price trends, typically driven by rapid earnings growth and positive market sentiment.

30 Stocks

The strategy is designed to provide investors with exposure to a diversified portfolio of 30 stocks, spanning different market capitalizations and sectors, to help reduce risk and enhance long-term returns. The strategy is always fully invested.

Quarterly Rebalance

A quarterly rebalancing process is used to maintain a growth bias, focus on quality companies, and maintain high growth characteristics, ensuring that the portfolio is always optimized to generate capital appreciation while managing risk.

Growth Stocks

This growth stock investment strategy aims to build a portfolio of large cap growth stocks that exhibit strong potential for future earnings growth and capital appreciation.

Long-term Growth

By using multi-factor analysis and quarterly rebalancing, the strategy seeks to buy high quality growth stocks while taking into consideration fresh fundamentals, in an effort to generate long-term price appreciation.


The strategy uses quantitative analysis to identify stocks with strong financial performance and upward price trends.

Cyborg PM

This strategy is managed systematically by advanced technology, using a rules-based approach to stock selection and portfolio management, which removes emotion from investing decisions and ensures that choices are data-driven.

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