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Introducing the WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch SMAs

Red Bank, NJ – January 16, 2019 – WBI Investments, Inc. is excited to announce the addition of 5 new separately managed account strategies. “The WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch series will give investors broad market exposure with WBI’s hallmark risk management,” said Don Schreiber, Jr., CEO and co-CIO of WBI.

For nearly 30 years, WBI has utilized sophisticated trend models to optimize risk and return for domestic stock and fixed income exposures. These stock and bond models have been integrated into WBI’s management system to provide bull or bear trend indications that tighten or loosen the firm’s risk management system.

“Over the past few years, the firm’s portfolio management team has worked to improve the veracity of each model’s signal in an effort to improve performance and allow us to offer industry leading trend following products,” said Matt Schreiber, President of WBI. “WBI has used fundamental, macro-economic, and technical trend models to optimize risk and return for stocks and bonds for almost three decades.”

Equity Model Design

The model is designed to combine macro-economic factors and technical market trends into one model to produce a “risk on” or “risk off” indication. Proprietary confidence scores analyze factor model data and technical trends to improve signal quality and performance outcomes. As factor and technical data improves or degrades, the confidence scores will influence “bull” or “bear” indications across each factor model. A combined confidence score determines whether the model is “risk on” or “risk off” signal.

Bond Model Design

The bond model considers interest rates, price momentum, yield, currency, and equity earnings to determine the optimal duration and credit quality for fixed income holdings. After analyzing these factors, the model pinpoints the most effective duration (short, intermediate, or long) and the best credit opportunities (US Treasuries, corporate, or high yield). As factor and technical data improves or degrades, the confidence scores will influence credit quality and duration signals for the model. Proprietary confidence scores analyze factor model data and technical trends to improve signal quality and performance outcomes.

Strategy “Risk On” and “Risk Off” Exposures Strategy Name“Risk On” Exposure“Risk Off”ExposureStrategy InceptionWBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch US 1000US Large Cap US Short-Term Treasuries7/31/1992WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch US 1000 BondUS Large Cap US Fixed Income10/31/2017WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch US 2000US Small & Mid-CapUS Short-Term Treasuries9/29/2017WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch US 2000 BondUS Small & Mid-CapUS Fixed Income10/31/2017WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch US BondUS Fixed IncomeUS Short-Term Treasuries2/28/2018

The WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch SMAs are built upon more than 30 years of quantitative modeling experience to give investors simple solutions to optimizing bull and bear market cycles. At WBI, our mission is to manage risk by preserving capital to help improve an investment portfolio’s compounding efficiency. The WBI Bull | Bear Trend Switch SMA series offers a time-tested approach to combine low-cost indexing and risk management to help clients invest more successfully rather than trying to buy and hold through the market’s roller coaster of gains and losses.

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Past performance does not guarantee future results. This is not an offer to buy or sell any security. No security or strategy, including those referred to directly or indirectly, is suitable for all accounts or profitable all of the time and there is always the possibility of loss. You should not assume that any discussion or information provided here serves as a substitute for personalized investment advice from WBI or any other investment professional. If you have questions regarding the applicability of specific issues discussed to your individual situation, please consult with WBI or your chosen professional advisor. This information is compiled from sources believed to be reliable, accuracy cannot be guaranteed. WBI’s advisory operations, services, and fees are in the Form ADV, available upon request.

During periods of high market volatility, a significant amount of holdings may be sold, resulting in a large allocation to cash or cash equivalents. At times, market conditions and the particular Portfolio Strategy, may call for an allocation of 100% to cash or cash equivalents. If the portfolio strategy invests all or a substantial portion of its assets in cash or cash equivalents for extended periods of time, including when it is investing for temporary defensive purposes, it could reduce the strategy’s potential return as the limited returns of cash or cash equivalents may lag other investment instruments in a strong market.

Net of Fee Performance (NFP) is net of WBI’s investment management fees and includes reinvestment of dividends and other earnings. Net returns reflect the deduction of the highest fee charged.

You are not permitted to publish, transmit, or otherwise reproduce this information, in whole or in part, in any format to any third party without the express written consent of WBI Investments, Inc.

S&P 500 TR Index: includes a representative sample of large-cap U.S. companies in leading industries where all cash payouts (dividends) are reinvested automatically. Russell 2000 Index: measures the performance of small-cap U.S. companies. Bloomberg Barclays US Aggregate Bond TR Index: a component of the US Universal Index and covers the USD‐denominated, investment‐grade, fixed‐rate, taxable bond market of SEC‐registered securities.



Unless otherwise indicated all performance is sourced from Bloomberg.


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